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It's a buy-it-when-you-see-it world now!

It's so hard to find pieces we love to add to our wardrobes. Is it the right color? Does it fit right? Will it coordinate with other pieces I own? SO, when you finally find pieces you love, I recommend buying them in several colors. Of course, think about what colors you already own so that you'll have working wardrobe pieces. In this case, these little sleeveless t-shirts will work under most of my jackets and, of course, JEANS! And especially if you find them on sale, IN YOUR SIZE, buy them. I've learned that many ready-to-wear companies are not producing as much inventory as they used to, so waiting for the end of the season for a fantastic sale is not the great plan it used to be, especially if your size seems to be popular. For example, I'm 5'2" so I have to buy Petites. If I really love something, I need to buy it quickly or my size is gone! Keep this in mind when you're shopping - you'll be the smartest dressed out there!

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