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Secret tip to neutralize odors

I am in a Facebook group of professional costumers from the U.K. - REAL professionals who make costumes for many of the British-made TV shows and movies. The other day one was panicked because her production unit "has forbidden use of vodka"! No, it's not what you think - they aren't indulging in cocktails on-set -- it's a liability thing. Costumers know that vodka is a GREAT odor neutralizer. Think about all those huge fight or battle scenes that have to be shot over-and-over again, maybe even in a hot, humid climate whew! I asked and was told vodka is great to neutralize sweat and musty-clothes smell (like vintage costumes that have been stashed for years) profuse perfume and even animal urine. Of course, cheap vodka is fine and you can dilute with water or not, depending on your situation. So keep this tip in mind and it MAY save the day!

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