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3 Keys to Career Success

Show Up – this seems obvious, but just yesterday my daughter went to a breakfast meeting and was placed at a table with several high-level managers she was able to meet and connect with simply because it was cold outside and attendees who had RSVP’d didn’t show up. I read that Marlon Brando won several jobs early in his career simply because he was willing to walk through snow to get to auditions. Show up (and if you get there early you can often chat with a speaker or leader because they're just standing around waiting!). Advantage: You

Stand out – Are you familiar with Seth Godin’s Purple Cow story? While driving through the country, he saw a pasture full of brown cows – looking almost identical. But, he thought, what if there was one purple cow in the pasture? His message – be remarkable - so you’ll stand out in a sea of mediocrity – average doesn’t cut it anymore. I read about a football coach who requires his team to wear business suits to games. Why? To remind them it’s a business. What you wear affects the way you feel. Advantage: You

Get found – Again, obvious. But have you taken the time to optimize your credentials on Linkedin? Business professionals will search for you on Linkedin because it’s today’s source for business. Pro headshot, keyword-loaded headline and profile. Load in your 50 allowed Skills, especially if you’re job hunting, ask for recommendations. Advantage: You


Want to get more photos of you out on the web? Post them on a Pinterest Board, use descriptive key words, especially if your job description has many different iterations within your industry.


Did you know that Slideshare is owned by LinkedIn? Why do you care? SEO optimization. Upload your brilliant PowerPoint presentation, being careful you’ve deleted copyrighted material you might have used or proprietary info. (If you don’t have one, you can create one.) Again, keyword load. Especially in the title. And see that “Tags” section? Those are your keywords. If you don’t know what keywords to use, go search for your topic in Google or Amazon and see what the dropdown box suggests. Those are great starting resources for your keywords. Or is another great resource.

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