What's the 'new' secret in shopping?


Yes, it’s true - it’s a sustainable alternative to fast fashion that’s priced at a fraction of the original retail price. ThredUp.com reports millennial shoppers are likely to discard clothes after 1-5 wears. Meaning there’s plenty of hardly-worn clothes available on their site.

Resale is a new shopping option

I’m sharing this so you can pass this along to anyone challenged by budget and time and the challenges of shopping. If shopping resale feels a little odd, let me give you a few great reasons to try it.

  1. You suddenly need to meet a specific dress code. I worked with a small law office that needed their staff to dress very modestly. None of them were prepared to buy a new wardrobe, so I suggested the thrift store. One of them tried this and found a whole new wardrobe that met the code for very little money.

  2. You’re in a profession like a hair stylist or artist where you’re constantly ruining your clothes with hair dye or bleach or color. Buy cute thrift so you don’t have to obsess over that ‘oops’ moment.

  3. You’re going on a vacation tour through several countries. I met a woman in a thrift store who told me she thrifted her entire vacation wardrobe and slowly left it behind so she had space in her suitcase to bring home new treasures.

  4. You’re going to a festival or event where you might ruin your good clothes because of weather (mud from rain) or other circumstances (like grape-stomping). Don’t ruin your good clothes, you can still show your style in something inexpensive and not worry about unexpected disasters.