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The Limited is still alive!

In the ever-challenging search for ‘what to wear to work on my budget’ I want to give you a little tip that seems to be a secret. For many years, The Limited was in almost every mall and was the go-to for budget office wear. You went in there when you needed an interview suit or a top that would meet a dress code at a reasonable price. You know, clothes that communicate “I mean business” in the first glance.

And then, due to changing norms, they went away - gone from all the malls.

But, guess what! They’re still online with the same style of fairly-inexpensive, business-looking clothes that are suitable for conservative office environments at an acceptable price. Now remember, I said business clothes, not trendy fashion. And they have sizing for petites, missy, and plus.

I recently talked with a young woman who is starting a new career in wealth management. She needed jackets and conservative tops. She is also very tall and at the edge of needing a plus size so she can button her jackets. She found the plus sizes to be long enough for her body and offering that little extra room to make her jackets comfortable. And SHE hit one of their sales-- which was buy one, get two free! Yes, really!

So I wanted to share this with you so YOU can share with any friend who may need this category of garment. Each garment illustration has a size chart you can access to try to choose the best size. The most important one is your bust measurement and/or hip because if the garment won’t go around that circumference, it won’t fit. You can always take a garment in, but there’s nothing to let out.

Knowing that you have options for office wear can help you manage your clothing budget and your closet management. When you’ve got your wardrobe under control you can go out and conquer the world! Carpe diem, sisters!

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