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Why don’t we analyze fashion like we analyze sports?

Have you ever noticed that all sports are analyzed from every aspect? Turn on the television, and there’s a talk show analyzing each one. Experts from players to coaches to statisticians are offering their expertise to give perspective and insight. Same game, same rules -- what could they have done differently to increase their competitive edge to win the game?

So why not for fashion? Women need every edge to maximize their careers, so why doesn’t someone offer some expert perspective, critique and industry analysis of fashion? We’re out there shopping without enough insight. And learning algorithms are the new disruptors – they’re slowly invading our shopping carts.

Wouldn’t you like some insight and perspective on this important subject? I can't speak for you, but I don’t want an algorithm taking over my shopping - I want to make my own choices. You’re fully capable of making good decisions, you just need a little guidance on what to look for and why and most importantly, where to find it.

If you’d like a better way to approach this subject along with some expert analysis - plus insight on where fashion might be heading, I’ve developed a 30-minute talk to break down what options are available out there and where, what’s coming, and how you can navigate it best for your lifestyle and career. Let’s cut through the smoke-and-mirrors of fashion and get real.


  • The average person buys 60 percent more items of clothing and keeps them for about half as long as they did 15 years ago.

  • Up to 70 percent of closets are going unworn and 33 percent of women wear items less than five times before they are discarded.

  • Using a garment just three months longer can lower its water, carbon and waste footprint by 5 percent to 10 percent.

  • New business models—like garment resale, rental and subscription— could optimize the practical service life of garments.

  • The stigma of ‘used’ is now being replaced by ‘vintage’ or ‘authentic.’ For resale, the main benefits consumers report are that, in general, it is better value for money, you can buy brands that you can’t afford new and there is a thrill of the hunt that is not experienced in traditional retail.

Plus, there are more lines designed specific to career-wear, more lines designed for different body shapes (including talls), more lines for mature women, more ways to shop (have you tried the Bento box system?), more places to shop, including resale (that's also a really practical way to clean out your closet and pick up something inexpensively for say, a one-time event that you'll never wear again...).

AND, what's happening within the fashion retail industry? How is it changing while we not paying attention?

It’s fast, to the point, and mind-blowing. If you’d like to book me for your next event, it’s $350 for the 30 minutes, plus a :30 Q&A session. I’ve created an infographic guideline that's easy to follow.

Let's analyze fashion for perspective!

  • What look is best for your career?

  • What are your options – where do you find it?

  • How to deal with sizing irregularities

  • Where can you look for best value?

  • When should you make a major investment?

  • Should you rent?

Call me and let’s get on the calendar! 832-707-9339

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