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Hang those tote bags so you can see them

#TheContainerStore tote hooks

I’m always on the lookout for new organizing products and these chrome metal tote hooks from The Container Store impress me. Finally, a way to hang your purses and totes in an organized and neat way. Hanging them will keep their handles straight and preserve their body shape. For a little extra preservation of shape, stuff the bags with something, especially the corners or anywhere they’re trying to collapse on themselves. And then zip or fasten the top to sustain the structure. Any sagging will distort the shape. Yes, you can squish them closer together, just try not to mash the bags too much.

Plus you can see them! And easily put them back in their place so you always know where they are!

I’m not being paid by The Container Store, I just think these are so practical. They’re $9.99 for 6. What else could you use these for????

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