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Are your boots ready for walking?

Boot heels need love too

It's boot season, so don't forget to check out the heels on your boots and shoes. It's so easy for the heels to get hacked and scratched on our walkways, on the legs of our office chairs, while driving, and the awful sidewalks and parking garages we navigate daily. And that wear-and-tear shortens the life of our footwear. So if you love them, check them out and take them to the shoe repair. I know, it feels expensive, but so is the cost of a new pair of boots you love as much as these. The boots in this photo (which I sneaked from a distance) are beyond repair. And they just look so sad - such a bad image to put out there. Doesn't it make you wonder about her? Hasn't she heard the tapping of the where the heel tap used to be? Show your shoes and boots some regular love by getting the heel taps fixed and the shoes re-shined regularly. And, if you need help, call me!

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