Save closet space with uniform hangers

Here's an easy way to save closet space - uniform hangers! Take a look at your closet and see if you have a random assortment of clothes hangers, plastic or wire or otherwise. The width of the hanger steals valuable closet space. And the visual aesthetic of all these random hangers is off-putting to the enjoyment of your wardrobe. I'm not a fan of these plastic ones, but at least they're all alike. The 'velvet' hangers are the slimmest, wooden are the thickest. Oh, and pants hangers really take up a lot of space - the width and the two clasps are very side (and easily scratch you). If you can find a better way to hang them, you could save a great deal of space. Decide what your wardrobe will benefit from and plan to work on it. If you need help, call me at 832-707-9339 and we can get to work!

Uniform hangers are visually appealing