Anatomy of an organized closet

To make it easier to get your head around, I thought I’d just analyze the elements of an organized closet. That is, what we always see in a photo once a closet re-org has been completed. So here goes:

  • Space between clothes so you can see what you have (and clothes won’t wrinkle)

  • ‘Like’ clothes hang together

  • Uniform (identical) hangers – they are all alike and/or in a system. Perhaps hanging hooks were used to create a system.

  • Pieces or accessories that are alike but won’t work on a hanger are stored together in a box, bin, basket, or other system (hanging or stacked).

  • Storage space in the closet is used to maximum capacity from the floor to the top of the ceiling. Can you see what you have so you find it?

Did you see the repeating words? Space, uniform, system

Our minds like to see a clear, organized picture. That’s what you see in every photo of an organized closet. Your closet won’t look like anyone else’s because your lifestyle is different and your likes in clothing are different. It’s just about creating a system that works for you. Simple, huh? There are lots of DIY hacks to squeeze more into a small space - just depends on your personal needs. Need more ideas? I'll be posting more - but if you need help call me, 832-707-9339.

Example of organization