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It's a New Year! Organize -- Don't agonize

It’s a NEW YEAR, so don’t waste another precious moment in your closet trying to find a piece you just ‘know’ is there. Now’s the time to finally organize your closet into the effortless haven of style you’ve always wanted. Imagine, walking out the door every morning feeling confident, polished and professional! Let me help you edit and organize your closet based on your lifestyle needs, not just a prescribed single idea or formula.

Where ARE your business professional clothes? Where IS your wool cap and matching gloves? Got designated shoes for walking through snow at the airport? OR, conversely, where ARE your summer resort pieces and sandals and hat for a quick weekend trip? Where ARE your sports clothing pieces? Your rodeo clothes? Are they easy to find and ready to wear? Can you put your hands on these right now?

Now, I’m not your ordinary organizer. With my sewing and design background, we can look closely at your pieces to decide what their lifespan is. Do you have pieces that should be altered to fit better, donated, or do they have resale value? Could they be coordinated more creatively to give you more outfits? What IS their ROI in your valuable closet real estate? Call me for a free 15 minute consultation and let’s get you going on a fresh start to your new year!

All of your specific needs can be sorted and organized so you can maximize your space and easily find what you need, saving you time and money because you don’t have to go buy them again because you couldn’t find them! Viola’! Mind-blowing, huh? Call me and let's get your New Year started in the right direction!

A real closet full of designer names all squished together getting wrinkled

Project rate: $100/ hour and lots of free advice!

And I work fast! 832-707-9339

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