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Teal, the new color sensation

I’ve seen a color trend that has unexpectedly popped across fashion and home particularly for the fall/winter season. I first noticed teal when I was blown away by the costumes for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in 2016. Eddie Redmayne’s teal-colored nubby coat popped off the screen and away from the grubby, gray production values of period 1920’s New York. Academy Award-winning

Chico's teal travel collection

costumer designer Colleen Atwood is superb at developing fabric techniques so costumes appear to lift off the screen, giving a 3rd dimension to them.

Since then I’ve seen teal sneaking in everywhere from quirky pieces from H&M to a travel collection at Chico’s, to a teal Santa for Christmas and teal ornaments.

And what’s not to like about teal? The combination of green and blue makes it more subtle that primary blue AND works with every skin tone. If gray or black is added to the mixture the teal becomes darker. Here’s a tip, this also means teal works great WITH black or gray.

Do you ever think about the color wheel to plan your palettes? Probably not, but here’s the simple way to think of this. Opposites on the color wheel work beautifully together, like red and blue. Hah! As teal is a permutation of blue, then pink, and mauve, and merlot are permutations of red – and viola’ – teal and mauve or pink or merlot work BEAUTIFULLY together! Add gray or black – and ooh la la, you are styled!

So I challenge you, watch for the teal. When you are paying attention, it will pop at the most interesting times. If you want to add drama to your black winter wardrobe (or your merlot wardrobe) add teal, you’ll be so please with the result.

And, as ways, if you need help call me!

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