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How to put some 'fall' into your wardrobe

It’s fall y’all! Finally, it feels like fall – giving us the opportunity to integrate some new fall colors into our wardrobe. Like this red ochre color – or pine green or saffron. Color brings a newness to your work looks and makes YOU feel refreshed too. How? All these colors coordinate beautifully with the neutrals in your closet – black, navy, gray, cream. If you want to go further, add an accessory in any of these colors. And If you’re really feeling trendy, add an animal print shoe or tote or purse or even a scarf you can tie around your neck or onto a bag. Va-Va-Voom! “SHE’S got it going on!” Go ahead, try it! And notice that 3/4 length sleeve - it's a really practical length for any time of the year. And if you need help, I can hold your hand and help with tailoring advice! Call me.

Marilynn Barber

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