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Five ways to build your confidence as a speaker on stage or camera

Are you ready for your moment in front of a camera or on a stage? The details matter:

  1. What color will you wear so you will be visible against the background? Tip – black is NOT the best color for being seen and remembered on-camera. It absorbs light and you disappear – creating a floating-head look that’s distracting and not memorable.

  2. If you’re wearing a dress, is the hem long enough to make you look like a thoughtful professional in your industry or profession? This is especially important when in front of all-female audiences who are there for your information and motivation, not your fashion statement (unless, of course, it’s a fashion event!). And if you must sit on-stage, you’ll be glad to have an inch or two more of hem to cover!

  3. Will your outfit support a lavalier mic transmitter you have to wear? This is where a jacket comes in handy – hides it or can hang on it in the back.

  4. Are the toes and heels of your shoes in good shape – or beaten up and sad? Do they show you care about your total image? If you’re up high on a stage at audience eye-level, they could become a featured embarrassment you hadn’t thought of.

  5. Is your jewelry distracting – is it too big or bouncing light back into the audience’s eyes? Accessories should add a final touch of presence or spice to an outfit, not pull attention to themselves diverting the audience’s elsewhere instead of your well-rehearsed talk or presentation.

This is just a short list to think about and remember when you get the call or need to go shopping for an event. And, of course, if you need help, call ME! That’s what I do professionally – happy to save you time and build your confidence.

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