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The Power of a Jacket

The power of a jacket can never be discounted. When you need to look like you’re composed and in complete control of the situation, the jacket is the piece that adds the proverbial ‘bow’ to the outfit – it ties all the pieces together into a cohesive unit that visually signals your confidence and understanding of the occasion.

If you’ll think back, Sheryl Sandberg and Jack Dorsey recently spoke before the Senate Intelligence Committee. SHE was wearing a black suit – severe and conservative – signaling she was aware of the magnitude of this testimony. On the other hand, Jack chose to wear a trendy shirt with an eccentric stand-up collar, no neck-tie, and a dark jacket topped off by his nose ring. Who do you think those conservative senators related to best? These images make for lasting impressions.

Of course, a jacket needs to fit you well – just like Little Red Riding Hood’s criteria – not to loose, not too tight, but just right.

When you’ve invested in a good one, we often need to take it to have a few alterations done. Sleeves are often the ‘tell’ that give away your polished image. If they’re too long, they’ll hang half-way down your hand. Most jackets are not designed to roll up the cuff and still look clean, especially if there’s a fake button-placket on the side.

Also, boxy jackets, meaning a straight line from under your arm to the hem will make you look thicker and heavier because we can’t see the curve of the waistline. But, in an alteration shop, they can often slightly curve that side seam by as little as a ½ inch right at your waistline, giving a much more flattering image.

Either of these alterations are a small price to pay to make that jacket fit you perfectly. You’ll feel more confident when you don’t have to think about these little things. And if the jacket is perfect and you’ll wear it again and again, it’s worth the investment in time and money.

Women still have to dress UP to make ourselves heard and respected. Regardless of fashion marketing telling us clothes shouldn’t matter – they do. So play the game to win. I’m in – how about you!

And if you’re wondering where to shop, contact me, I research this constantly. There are designers working to make YOU look more professional. Call me!

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