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Do you look relevant? Modern?

Let's face it -- if you don't look relevant - you could be, oh no, irrelevant. Overlooked. Invisible. And even worse, passed over.

Have you let your wardrobe fall into the rut of, meh....does it matter?

What can you do? What SHOULD you do?

Here's a great example of how a mature woman looks oh-so modern and interesting. Meet Prue Leith, new co-host of the Great British Bake-Off. Notice the bold, contemporary eyeglass frames, the bold, cobalt blue top (and there's a blue and white striped on underneath that peeks out) and the bold, contemporary jewelry. She exudes experience, confidence, and relevance. She clearly doesn't want to be ignored! Notice her clothes are simple designs in those bold colors.

If you're still here - let them know it through your wardrobe. You've still got it and you're still in the game! And if you need help, call me and let's get working on the new YOU!

A totally modern woman

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