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Do you have a 'hero' piece?

What is a ‘hero’ piece? It’s that piece of clothing that you can always count on to bring your look to life. It fits you great, it makes you feel good when you put it on, and it’s the piece you always go to when in doubt. It’s generally a classic piece that’s timeless, like this scarf worn by IMF Director, Christine LaGarde. OK, so she's French and they do scarves the best. She's has a HUGE collection and wears them regularly giving her a sense of style and making her memorable. It adds that last touch of graphic appeal and color to enhance her look.

Or often it’s a jacket that seems to work over many of your dresses and your slacks. It works for a business look and yet looks great over jeans. And it feels great when you put it on. It's your invisible armor.

It might even be that pair of animal print shoes or bag that adds a great pop to your neutrals to produce a bold dramatic statement making you feel strong and feminine, and gives you confidence and power you need.

If you DON’T have this piece in your wardrobe, now is a great time to start looking at the winter trends to see if something speaks to you. If it catches your eye, and you do the old “double-take,” that’s a sure sign it’s a definite possibility. I say this because sometimes our eye loves something that simply won’t work into our professional business culture, but might be great for your personal life. Just remember to separate the two. Sometimes the bold fashion statement is just too dramatic and stands to possibly exclude you from the conversation. You hold the ‘business climate thermometer’ in your hands – and you choose what works best for your professional persona.

Having this hero piece creates a sense of comfort and confidence and style, giving you the presence you need to look like a leader!

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