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Are you ready for your close-up?

Are you ready for your close-up?

When you find yourself in front of a camera (planned or not!) are you ready? Maybe you’re representing your company, or you’re being interviewed as a subject matter expert, or you’re a pundit, or promoting something -- whatever. If it’s for network news and it airs, they put the link to it on their website and it stays there, for a REALLY long time. And Google Videos WILL find it. Plus, if it’s a good clip, you want to grab that link and post it somewhere that is advantageous to your career.

So it makes sense to be ready for it – you can control the image that’s seen on camera. This is almost like getting ready for your professional headshot. You want to express your expertise and credibility through your wardrobe. So what you choose to wear, plus your hair and make-up all create the image that supports you. If this event is planned, take the time to think about what you’ll wear (blue is my go-to color because it looks great on-camera -- navy, cobalt, teal, aqua, medium tone blue) – don’t wear orange or yellow unless it’s the company’s brand colors (too hot), and white reflects too much light attracting attention to itself. Add some make-up -- powder or at least blot your face to take the shine off (I was once in charge of powdering the balding head of a CEO so the light wouldn’t bounce off it!) and make sure your hair looks like you took the time to style it. That is, make it look controlled. Go easy on the statement necklaces and earrings – they attract attention to themselves and may interfere with the audio.

Keep this in mind, and if you need help, this is exactly what I do. I know where to shop for these items so you can look professional AND I can save you time (you won’t have to run to the mall) and money (I monitor pricing so I know what’s reasonable). Call me, I’d love to be of service so you don’t have to lose sleep over this! 832.707.9339

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