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Stand out and be counted!

Research tells us that being visible in your career is the smart move for #success. AND, if you don’t have an intentional personal brand strategy you run the risk of allowing OTHERS to define you – not a good idea! A personal brand means that you have a consistent way of dressing that illustrates who you are and the value you bring, every day. Just like that favorite cup of Starbucks coffee - you get the same, consistent cup of coffee you expect, every time. Branding at its best.

Fashion has mislead us insisting we should express ourselves on a daily whim. AND that the more clothes we have the better our lives will be. But this runs contrary to how the human mind works. We're visual - we read images and retain that mental image for future processing. If we dress in a random, inconsistent manner our colleagues, co-workers, and business partners struggle to define who we are because the image doesn't support our expertise and values. And if they don't follow fashion, they are completely clueless on a fashion statement if it's off their personal radar of understanding. That's the reason we should separate our business clothes from our personal clothes - our business clothes help define our business persona, and our personal clothes are where we can express ourselves with more freedom to play.

When you develop your strong personal brand image, you can then stand out and be counted. And this is not difficult, it just requires a little thought and discipline. We simply have to re-train ourselves into thinking about our strategy for success and collect our clothes with this in mind.

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