How to capture them at 'hello'

Are you completely happy with your career path? Or, do you feel there’s more opportunity out there, if you could just find it? Author Sally Hogshead (Fascinate) tells us “you’re doing battle in a distracted and competitive world.” So after you’ve polished your LinkedIn profile and re-connected with your network, what ELSE could you be doing to attract that new opportunity? What piece of this puzzle can YOU control?

This may sound shallow or superficial, but it’s your packaging. Having a clearly defined presence allows you to be differentiated from others. Our limbic brain stays busy making instant judgments about the visuals we see. It’s deciding in an instant if someone is trustworthy and the professional they profess to be. It’s deciding if we want to connect and engage with someone. It’s how our species survived all these years. So if this is what we’re up against in our fast-paced world, how can we make the most of this for our careers?

Now before you dismiss me, keep in mind we KNOW how important it is to keyword load our resumes and our LinkedIn profiles, so why aren’t we loading our image, our brand, with the symbols to optimize IT? We’re wise women, we need to play to win. Therefore, how can we distinguish ourselves so we can stand out from the crowd?

It’s our packaging. How the world sees YOU.

A product’s package communicates everything from what the product can do for customers to the company’s values.

It creates brand recognition – it differentiates them and makes them memorable.

Packaging color influences purchases. Because the brain reacts and relates to color in different ways, choosing colors can make all the difference in business. Bright colors are perceived as more playful and darker colors are more professional and conservative. Tiffany’s iconic robin’s egg blue box is more recognizable than the product itself. Have you maximized this technique?

Packaging is a marketing tool. Products are easily recognized, easy to understand. Conveying this uniqueness instantly is the key to quicker, stronger associations - and connections.

“Different is better than better.” Sally Hogshead

Wardrobe consultants are hired for on-air talent, for political campaigns, as jury consultants, and even for special events and conferences to be certain every visual image is communicated clearly and understandably. Every detail, from the designer brand name, to the color, to the fit, to the belief lapel pin and/or jewelry, adds to the complex image. And even if you think you don’t pay any attention to these details, your brain takes it in. If any part of that image feels disingenuous, you may not trust that image, ever. History tells us how many in politics have missed the mark on this one.

“It’s not about how you see the world, it’s about how the world sees YOU.” Sally Hogshead

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