Five pieces of advice to build self-confidence for public speaking

If you’ve got something to say, but you’re frozen with fear because you don’t know if you’re “good enough” consider this, everyone wants to be entertained or to learn something new and if you can do both simultaneously – it’s a good thing. Every audience hopes that whoever’s on stage brings value either as a fresh way to see something, or motivation, or just to have a laugh.

  1. So, what are you an expert on? Everybody is an expert at something – so speak about what YOU know “for sure” – speak from your own perspective – that’s what makes it yours - your own point of view.

  2. Why do you know this? Tell a personal story or relate an experience to make it more memorable. This heightens the experience for the audience. Storytelling is the new black!

  3. Wear clothes that that make you look and feel like you know what you’re talking about. If you feel uncomfortable because they don’t fit or they don’t fit your audience, your self-confidence will be strained before you even start. So think about it and plan your strategy.

  4. Make sure they can hear you at the back of the room. Learn to use the mic or speak loudly.

  5. Don’t wait until you’re “completely ready” – part of getting ‘good’ is getting out and doing-- and learning from your mistakes. There’s just no way to get past this learning curve. So get about 60-80% ready, and then find someplace to start. If you’re working free they can’t judge you too harshly. And every time you speak – you’ll learn from the experience and you WILL grow and get better. Promise!

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