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I’m finally seeing a shift in dressing for work. A year ago it was hard to find business clothes in the stores that used to be our go-to's. I even had sales associates apologize to me because they had nothing to show me.

But now, I’m seeing jackets of all kinds (from fitted blazers to looser Chanel styles) in those mall stores we used to shop in regularly (White House Black Market, Ann Taylor, Talbots and, of course, Zara).

Yesterday – I even saw the phrase “power dressing”. I haven’t seen that in several years.

I search for jackets that I can mix and match with dresses or pants I already own to stretch my wardrobe wearables. And this makes it so easy to get ready every morning – choose a dress, grab a jacket, go.

And the best part is that these same jackets over jeans take your look from casual to sleek with very little effort!

Add heels instead of flats – find that jewelry we used to wear. And you’re ready to go!

Take a look out there - I'm even seeing some early Fall price cuts to get them out the door right now!

We Can Do It!

Not one of us signed up for this. But we're here and it's up to each of us to make choices to move forward. Certainty is unknown, we don't know what the 'new normal' will be. But, getting stuck will slow you down. If you've maintained your health, you have the opportunity to move forward - to create your new life. To create something that matters. So, going forward in my blog, I want to share with you all that I see happening within the fashion, style, and beauty business (and all the other associated aesthetics). I want to give you insight in the business of fashion, where we'll be shopping, what we'll we buying, how we'll be buying it. I hope you keep reading and asking questions because we're all moving forward together.

I am in a Facebook group of professional costumers from the U.K. - REAL professionals who make costumes for many of the British-made TV shows and movies. The other day one was panicked because her production unit "has forbidden use of vodka"! No, it's not what you think - they aren't indulging in cocktails on-set -- it's a liability thing. Costumers know that vodka is a GREAT odor neutralizer. Think about all those huge fight or battle scenes that have to be shot over-and-over again, maybe even in a hot, humid climate whew! I asked and was told vodka is great to neutralize sweat and musty-clothes smell (like vintage costumes that have been stashed for years) profuse perfume and even animal urine. Of course, cheap vodka is fine and you can dilute with water or not, depending on your situation. So keep this tip in mind and it MAY save the day!

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