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If you've bought a new garment with this X on it here's what you need to know. This is known as a Tailor's Tack and it's a large, loose temporary stitch to hold a pleat closed during shipment. If the pleat on a jacket or a kick pleat on a skirt gets folded open during storage and shipping it can get heat-set and may not lay down properly, ever. By adding this quick stitch, it holds it in place nicely. Then, you can just take scissors and snip the thread and it should pull out quickly. If it gets stuck there may be the original knot still in there - just find the knot and pull out. Viola' - you're ready to wear!

It's so hard to find pieces we love to add to our wardrobes. Is it the right color? Does it fit right? Will it coordinate with other pieces I own? SO, when you finally find pieces you love, I recommend buying them in several colors. Of course, think about what colors you already own so that you'll have working wardrobe pieces. In this case, these little sleeveless t-shirts will work under most of my jackets and, of course, JEANS! And especially if you find them on sale, IN YOUR SIZE, buy them. I've learned that many ready-to-wear companies are not producing as much inventory as they used to, so waiting for the end of the season for a fantastic sale is not the great plan it used to be, especially if your size seems to be popular. For example, I'm 5'2" so I have to buy Petites. If I really love something, I need to buy it quickly or my size is gone! Keep this in mind when you're shopping - you'll be the smartest dressed out there!

Much has been written about a capsule wardrobe and it's still a mystery to many. But it's the recipe for getting dressed faster and more coherently.

Here's how I think of it. A capsule wardrobe means the pieces can easily be mixed together in a multitude of combinations because they are connected either by color palette or similar styles so the completed outfit looks related and complete.

I took this photo in a Suit Supply this weekend. Here, they've illustrated a neutral color palette (Cream, wheat, evergreen) with a combination of casual styles. What raises this up another level is that the quality of the fabrics is exceptional - even though it's almost imperceptible - but that level of quality IS discernable to the eye.

Another concept is that three (3) pieces of coordinated clothing look more pulled together than just throwing a shirt/blouse on top of pants. A two-piece look needs another piece to complete the concept and hold it together - to feel complete to the eye. That's often where a jacket or sweater (even thrown over the shoulders as in the photo above) adds some sartorial weight. This takes a casual look and makes it look more pulled together.

I'll be talking about this more in the future, so be thinking of what colors you have in your wardrobe and what you could add that would make the more compatible together!

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