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When I was growing up I always had clothes because Mom made them for me.  Dad bought her a sewing machine when they got married and told her that's how she would get new clothes.  So she learned to sew and I always had a new outfit for every occasion.  At that time, most mothers or grandmothers sewed,  so they shared information as they solved design or sewing problems.  And any fabric was an option, curtains (remember Scarlett O'Hara?), tablecloths, sheets.  So I decided to back to my roots and design and sew like we used to!

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My fashion design training -- from dozens of home sewing classes to fashion design school and couture training in Paris -- and my background as a professional actress (who made her own costumes) on stage and in television commercials and training films offers a unique perspective to my work. And yes, I've worked in corporate America trying to balance unwritten dress codes with fashion.  I believe in having a strategy to your wardrobe – one that visually supports your aspirations and intentions. 

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