I offer a new way of thinking about the way you dress for work.  Discover how developing your “Executive Presence” can give you the ability to think, speak, and step-up with the composed confidence you’ve always wanted.  A must for your professional development.

What IS executive presence?

Can you get it?


And when you DO, you’ll find you have,

  •    More confidence
  •    More influence
  •    More sales
  •    AND more promotions and leadership position doors opening to you

Speaking topics for Learning and Development include:

  •    Executive image – What is it and How do you get it?
  •    The Power of Personal Brand
  •    Develop influence, Develop your career
  •    The Art of Presence
  •    Dressing for Confidence, Style, and Success!

I’m more than happy to tailor a speech to your organizational needs.

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