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Marilynn Barber

A speaker, stylist and strategist who educates and inspires women to think differently about their most important resource, their personal brand. Developing your executive presence opens the door to more opportunities. I want to show you how to be the best version of YOU.


I work with high-potential executive women who want to advance their careers.


My Satisfied Clients

After being laid off, I realized I had a rare opportunity to evaluate my career and the direction I wanted it to take. When I first met with Marilynn, my eyes were opened to the importance of my personal image. Not just in how others perceived me, but how I perceived myself. Her thoughtful guidance and insight was invaluable in helping me to redirect myself into the next chapter of my professional career.

Anna Z.

Marilynn, thank you for sharing your insights with the Wells Fargo CRE (Commercial Real Estate) Women.  We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from your presentation.  The ladies in Houston have continued to discuss your styling recommendations in an effort to create our best professional wardrobes.  We really appreciate the difference you’re making in women’s careers.  Thank you again!

Sarah M.

After meeting with Marilynn, I was able to clarify my work week fashion sense. Thanks to her coaching, I’m now able to walk into a store with purpose: ignoring 95% of the merchandise and focusing on the small percentage that will contribute to the look I want to accomplish. She helped me identify the styles in my wardrobe that I should lean into as well as the looks I should discard  because they undermine the message I want to convey from 9 to 5. I’m now saving my party nails for the weekend!

Kelcie B.

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